Working group established to evaluate 2030 Mobility Plan’s first five years

T.R. Hainline, Ortega Forest resident and attorney and shareholder at Rogers Towers, has been named as chair of the Mobility Plan Working Group, a joint appointment by the Office of the Mayor and the City Council President.

The group was formed to evaluate the 2030 Mobility Plan, established in 2010, and Chapter 655 of the Ordinance Code with respect to implementation of the 2030 Mobility Plan.

The 2030 Mobility Plan describes a mobility fee system, outlining land use and transportation strategies to support and fund mobility within Jacksonville, according to a presentation developed in April 2010 by the Planning and Development Department.

The presentation noted plan objectives would include supporting a variety of transportation modes, reducing vehicle miles traveled, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a compact and interconnected land development form, and improving the health and quality of life for Jacksonville residents.

The plan assesses mobility fees on new developments and provides fee reductions to developers based on a variety of actions, among them bicycle and sidewalk network completion. The 2030 Mobility Plan also has a strategy for urban design, incorporating safe and attractive pedestrian-oriented infrastructure, transit-oriented design features, consideration of the interface between street design and building frontages, and context-sensitive parking facilities.

An ordinance passed in 2011 provides for an evaluation every five years by the Planning and Development Department, which may recommend appropriate amendments to the Mobility Plan and to Chapter 655.

The working group is tasked with providing the Mayor and the Council with recommendations for action by the legislative and executive branches within 90 days of receiving the report. The Transportation Planning Division expects to commence group meetings this spring, according to Tia Ford, public information officer for the City of Jacksonville.

Joining Hainline in the group are Robert Rhodes of Avondale, Rick Morales of Ortega, Andrew Dickson of San Marco, as well as Staci Rewis, a resident in the Baymeadows area, and Rajesh Chindalur, a Deerwood resident.

Council President Lori Boyer, of San Marco, will serve as the Council Member Representative in the group.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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