Chick-fil-A re-opens with new décor, new drive-thru bypass lane

Chick-fil-A re-opens with new décor, new drive-thru bypass lane
Heavy rain in June delayed the expected end-of-month opening for Chick-fil-A to early July.

The Chick-fil-A at 4495 Roosevelt Blvd. received a $750,000 facelift during late May and June, temporarily diverting customers from the popular lunchtime restaurant.

The renovations in the 4,344-square-foot building included a 242-square-foot addition at the back of the store to house a new freezer and provide more space for the kitchen. It also included interior upgrades, although the number of registers will remain the same.

“We’re excited for the new opportunities to serve our customers and to open our doors again,” said Ruth Ann Hodges, assistant marketing director. “We’re pushing our mobile app to raise awareness about its convenience.” The app is great for people on the go or busy moms with a carful of children, she said.

During the six-week project, Hodges said the management team took a trip to Orlando to view a store with a similar new décor and layout. During that downtime, they were also hiring and training team members, planning to have 100 employed when they re-opened.

Hodges said although they were not able to get a permit to add a second drive-thru, Chick-fil-A added an adjacent lane to allow customers to bypass the drive-thru lane to reach the parking lot. She indicated the store would continue to use the services of a traffic cop during the lunch hour due to volume.

The store will celebrate its 16th anniversary at Roosevelt Mall in December. The contractor for the project was R.A. Heath Construction Inc.

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