Million dollar Lakeside bridge replacement out for bid

Million dollar Lakeside bridge replacement out for bid
Asphalt patch on Lakeside Drive at the small bridge over an Ortega River inlet.

Nearly two years ago, The Resident reported the bridge over an Ortega River inlet behind the Roosevelt Square Mall would be replaced beginning in early 2016. The cost at that time was estimated to be $700,000, an appropriation approved by City Council in May 2015.

During the design process, the Public Works Department discovered the original appropriation was not going to be sufficient for the full replacement of the bridge, according to City of Jacksonville spokesperson Tia Ford. An additional $493,000 was appropriated via City Ordinance 2017-0264 in May, she said. 

In the meantime, some repairs have been made to Lakeside Drive, including one in late March 2017 when strips of asphalt were laid across the road on both sides of the bridge to build up road settling where the pavement meets the bridge deck.

“The Public Works Department has advised that there are some repairs underway for Lakeside Bridge that are in response to FDOT inspection results,” said Ford. “The repairs are being accomplished by a Bridge Maintenance Contractor under contract with the City through a piggyback contract with an existing FDOT Bridge Maintenance Contract for District 2, FDOT.”

In regard to the delay, Ford also stated the project required a significant amount of utility relocations. “One of the most time intensive was for AT&T to relocate their utilities from the project area, so that the bridge could be replaced,” she said. AT&T began that relocation project in late June.

The City is in the process of preparing bid documents for the replacement of Lakeside Bridge. “It has just undergone review by Procurement and is expected to be advertised for construction bids as early as next week,” said Ford in early July.

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