Riverside-based nonprofit to move downtown

The North Florida Land Trust, currently headquartered in a 101-year-old house on Gilmore Street, was given approval by the Downtown Investment Authority to make the historic Brewster Hospital on West Monroe Street its new headquarters.

The land conservation nonprofit has run out of space in its 1,224-square-foot converted house in Riverside and seeks to lease a portion of Jacksonville’s first hospital for African Americans, built in 1885.

City Council must first approve a five-year lease with an option for a five-year renewal and is expected to do so in August.

NFLT has agreed to pay for about $250,000 in improvements to the building, which would include the addition of an elevator and other handicap requirements to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a kitchen and small eating area for employees, an off-street parking lot, plus fencing, lighting and other security features. In return, the rent would be waived until the principle and accrued interest from the improvements has been retired.

An area on the first floor will serve as a memorial to the history of Brewster Hospital and will be available to the Brewster
Community Nurses Association for meetings and events.

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