Flood recovery help for historic structures

Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) encourages property owners in the Riverside Avondale area to reach out to RAP with any questions on flood recovery for historic structures, or options to protect historic structures in the future.

Many historic properties were built in ways that often protect from the worst flooding impacts, with walls made of plaster and lath rather than drywall, which have the ability to dry out, as do wood floors and framing. When working with contractors, keep in mind that gutting is not necessarily the only option.

Make sure your contractor is licensed by the state of Florida. Home-owners can look up contractors on the Florida Division of Business and Professional Regulation website at myfloridalicense.com.

The City of Jacksonville’s Historic Preservation Planning Office is ready to assist with processing any needed paperwork for repairs to property within the Riverside Avondale Historic District. They want to expedite the process and make it as simple as possible during this time. Remember, RAP does not approve or process any permitting or Certificate of Appropriateness applications. Contact the City Historic Preservation Office at (904) 255-7859 or [email protected]

RAP wants to serve as resource for the community as it regroups from Hurricane Irma, and can help spread the word and recruit volunteers for cleanup events, fundraisers, and other recovery efforts. Staff can be reached at (904) 389-2449, [email protected], and @preservationjax on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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