‘Hurricane Hero’ brings winds of change

Angie Nixon and Hope McMath stepped up to make sure Hurricane
Irma victims on the Northside had food and clothing.

Already considered a hometown heroine for her commitment to the community, Riverside resident Hope McMath has become a Hurricane Hero as well, coming to the aid of Hurricane Irma victims in some of Jacksonville’s most poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Through Facebook, McMath marshalled a massive team of caring people, including Angie Nixon, Dennis Hamilton, Rev. Reginald Gundy and his mighty group of volunteers from Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Denise Hunt, Meredith O’Malley, Laura Evans and her sister Beth McMath Wilson among many others, who are coming through with donations of both time and treasure.

McMath’s Yellow House, a new art space designed to serve as a catalyst for personal and collective growth is headquarters for donations, such as paper products, water, staple food items, charcoal and meats for grilling, soap, sheets, towels, clothes, diapers, kids toys, books, art supplies, and cleaning supplies may be dropped off at 577 King St. Monetary donations can be made online as well at www.yellowhouseart.org/support/

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