One Brooklyn project indefinitely stalled, another underway

First approved by the Downtown Develop-ment Review Board (DDRB) in early 2016, momentum for the GATE gas station and convenience store project on Park Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood briefly stalled when an appeal, via opposition letter, sought to place development on hold due to potentially problematic deviations, according to a public report.
The appeal sought to require the building’s facades be built to the street, rather than set back off the street, which is not compatible with the Downtown Business Investment and Development (BID) plan. The appeal was later denied in June 2016, and construction began May 2017.

“The approval process takes time,” said Misty Skipper, GATE vice president of marketing and communication. “Things happen in stages. It’s a normal course of business.”
Although there is no grand opening date set as of yet, the new 6, 401-square-foot GATE is slated to open later this fall, according to Skipper. The gas station-convenience store will soon house a car wash, multiple fueling and vacuuming stations, additional parking, as well as a fast-casual café with an outside dining area, she said.

“GATE looks forward to being a part of the Riverside and Brooklyn communities,” Skipper said.

While GATE is moving forward, a couple of blocks south on Park Street, proposed construction for the Brooklyn First Coast Mohs Dermatology & Skin Center has stalled indefinitely.

According to a representative of Jeff Thompson Construction, the Mediterranean-style, multi-story, million dollar concept is not likely to move forward any time soon.
“It’s been put on hold,” said the company representative.

First Coast Mohs Skin Clinic is an entity with three locations around Jacksonville.
Dr. Scott Warren, an area dermatologist specializing in micrographic skin cancer and cosmetic surgery and the “Mohs” technique, originally sought to expand the company medical offices, headquartered in the Southside, with a costly, multi-acre property purchase around Rosselle and Park Streets.

The project was initially characterized as “architecturally sympathetic,” to the area and reportedly said to have facilitated interest from Riverside Avondale Preservation, according to a report.

Warren, Larry Huff, the First Coast Mohs Dermatology & Skin Care Center chief executive officer, and Jeff Thompson, president at Jeff Thompson Construction, did not return multiple requests for information or detail.

By Lea Leonard
Resident Community News

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