Attempted child abduction in Ortega

Please be on the lookout for this vehicle!


“Please share this with Ortega Forest and Stockton school. It is from a. neighbor and the names have been changed.
Yesterday afternoon, while riding his bike, our son, Bill, was followed by a car for 3 blocks on Apache Avenue and Robert Gordon Road. The occupants tried to get him in their car with an offer of candy. The passenger reached his arm out and tried to grab Bill. Thankfully, Bill turned away and peddled in the opposite direction.
We called JSO and an officer came by last night for a formal report.
Here is a description: 2 black males; 40-50 years old; late model Ford Expedition; bronze/copper color; passenger side panel dented in and duct tape around the passenger side headlamp. Florida license plate beginning with the number 3. The driver had a goatee and a sleeve tattoo on his right arm.
If you see this vehicle, please try to get the license number and contact JSO.”

– Riverside/Avondale Neighborhood Watch

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