Carlucci returns to politics, announces campaign goals

Carlucci returns to politics, announces campaign goals
Matt and Karen Carlucci with Gayle and Michael Balanky

Friends and family gathered on the Southbank Oct. 25 at the home of Michael and Gayle  Balanky in support of Matt Carlucci’s campaign for City Council At-Large representative.

Carlucci, who has spent nearly four decades in the insurance industry, has followed in the footsteps of his father Joe, who held positions in City Council and in the Florida Senate. Carlucci is a former three-term Council member and served as president 2001-2002, and was a 2003 mayoral candidate. He was also former chairman of the Florida Commission on Ethics.

In his remarks to the gathering, Carlucci noted his family has called Jacksonville home for many generations and he would like to help make it a better one for his grandchildren. Citing his familiarity with city government and its budgets, Carlucci said “I know how to get things done…I know how to build consensus…and when to respectfully disagree.”

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