5 Points Wendy’s to get a new look

5 Points Wendy’s to get a new look
Realco Recycling Company picks up the pieces after demolishing the Wendy’s fast food restaurant Nov. 6 in 5 Points.

Almost a year to the day residents and businesses in Riverside viewed plans and gave feedback for a brand-new Wendy’s restaurant on Park Street, the 42-year-old former structure was demolished.

The demolition permit was issued Oct. 26 to Realco Recycling Company, which had bid $15,000 for complete structure demolition. Eleven days later the 20-foot-high, 2,144-square-foot fast food restaurant was gone.

A review of permits found at building inspections.coj.net indicates 12 permits totaling $917,200 were issued for the $1.5 million project. The majority of the cost, $650,000, will be for construction of a new 24-foot-high, 2,433-square-foot building by North Coast Construction Co. Electrical work was estimated at $108,768; $45,000 for utility connections; $40,000 for tree removal and site clearing; $20,000 for a dumpster enclosure, and almost $28,500 in signage.

Since the property is not within the boundary of the Riverside Avondale Historic District, no Certificate of Appropriateness is required for the new design.

The restaurant is currently scheduled to be open again in early March 2018, according to Weston Persons, brand marketing manager for Meritage Hospitality Group, which owns and operates over 250 Wendy’s restaurants.

“Given that this a scrape and rebuild project, this date is subject to change based on construction progress,” said Persons. “To my understanding, things have been going smoothly for the team though.”

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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