Breakfast club brought together for a reason

Breakfast club brought together for a reason
Davis Collier, Bill Scheu, Alton Yates and Ron Roberts

They say a quick grace before eating breakfast on Fridays at the Cool Moose Café. That might be the only prayer spoken by the four men during the next hour, but there is no doubt in any of their minds that God is with them.

Brought together more than two decades ago through participation in a Christian three-day learning, sharing, inspirational experience called Cursillo, which literally means “a short course on Christ,” the men meet every Friday at 7 a.m. 

“It’s not exactly a prayer group, but we have prayed each other through many of life’s challenges over the years,” noted attorney Bill Scheu.

The breakfast club, which used to include the late Jerry Spinks of Riverside who passed away in 2011, is now made up of Scheu, Ron Roberts, Alton Yates and Davis Collier.   

“We miss Jerry,” said Roberts, noting that Spinks was a world-class problem solver like the rest of the group, and had a great sense of humor as well. Roberts, a project manager with W. W. Gay Construction, recently underwent a hip replacement. He went into surgery knowing that his breakfast club cohorts were not only praying for him, but would physically provide support and encouragement. 

“That’s what we do,” said Davis Collier, a retired financial advisor formerly with Merrill Lynch. “We pray each other back to health. When Alton had cancer, we were there for him. When I was involved in a serious train accident and not expected to live, they rallied around to bring me back.”   

In addition to their weekly breakfast meeting, the four men are also members of the Rotary Club of West Jacksonville and have other common community interests that bring them together often. 

“Alton Yates is a true hero,” said Roberts, referring to Yates’ service to America’s early space program, the civil rights movement, his military career, his lengthy role in city government, and his active membership on many local boards. “Alton has broadened my outlook. He’s easy to talk to about complicated subjects. We aren’t always politically in the same boat, but we enjoy each other’s company and get some good work done together.” 

Noting that he is gratified to be part of this group of men, Yates described them as “professional guys who care deeply about their community and their church – strong Christians and Americans.” 

Firmly convinced that prayer changes things, Yates added that he also believes God helps those who help themselves. 

“Every time we get the opportunity to do hands-on help, we are there,” Yates said. One example he gave was when Scheu was called on at a critical time to act as the city’s Chief of Elections. The breakfast group pitched in, going to the elections office and volunteering to help Bill help the city deal with the problem. 

“When the city calls on Bill Scheu, we are the bonus,” said Yates.  “We have a lifetime commitment to each other. God brought us together for a reason.” 

By Susan D. Brandenburg
Resident Community News

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