St. Vincent’s invests $55 million for heart, vascular pavilion

St. Vincent’s invests $55 million for heart, vascular pavilion
Where Seton Hall once stood, St. Vincent’s HealthCare plans to build a new heart and vascular pavilion.

St. Vincent’s HealthCare announced plans for a new $55 million heart and vascular pavilion at St. Vincent’s Riverside, with groundbreaking scheduled for summer 2018 and a projected opening in the fall of 2019.

It will be located along the river, on King Street, where Seton Hall previously stood. The project is currently in the design phase, according to Kyle Sieg, St. Vincent’s HealthCare spokesperson.

The pavilion will include 30 medical and surgical rooms and 30 intensive care rooms, but will primarily be used for heart and vascular needs, including two nursing units devoted to caring for patients who undergo open-heart surgeries and other cardiovascular procedures.

Tom VanOsdol, president and CEO of St. Vincent’s HealthCare, said the pavilion is an investment in those they serve.

“This project will enable us to even more comprehensively and holistically meet our community’s health needs at the right place, time, and value, with readily available convenient access to state-of-the-art, market-leading care,” said VanOsdol.

St. Vincent’s has a tradition of innovation in local cardiac care going back nearly 60 years, when one of the first heart surgeons at St. Vincent’s performed the city’s first open-heart surgery.

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