South Shores resident unhappy with mis-identification

South Shores resident unhappy with mis-identification
Homes within the yellow lines were tagged as flood-prone and eligible for a FEMA buy-out.

Gary Ulrich is very happy in his 85-year-old South Shores home. In fact, he loves his whole neighborhood, but said he was not happy to see it identified by Jacksonville media as flood-prone and eligible for a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) buy-out.

Reed’s Subdivision – the area under scrutiny – is actually mostly west of Ulrich’s South Shores development, which was never part of Reed’s Subdivision, he said.

The dividing line between the two subdivisions appears to be Barbara Avenue, which is indicated on the property appraiser’s site as being located in Reed’s Subdivision, named after Gov. Harrison Reed, who served from 1868 to 1873. After his death in 1899, Reed’s farm was platted and became part of the City of South Jacksonville in 1907.

South Shores was platted three decades later in 1937, said Ulrich, who has lived in his 1938 home since 1972. He said there had been an effort in 1998 to have the South Shores community designated a Historic District, but even though most of the residents were for it, a few thought it would “bring in more government [oversight].”

South Shores is mostly high ground and although some homes were affected by Hurricane Irma, none like those in Reed’s Subdivision, he said. “Most of our neighborhood did not experience flooding.”

Some homes in the South Shores community are tagged as candidates for a FEMA buy-out, including those on South Shores and Old Hickory Roads north of Guilford Road, but not Ulrich’s.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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