Overland Bridge project winds down as I-10, Fuller Warren Bridge project ramps up

Overland Bridge project winds down as I-10, Fuller Warren Bridge project ramps up
A new parking lot, courtesy of the Florida Department of Transportation, is open to serve visitors to Riverside Arts Market and other nearby businesses. The lot can be accessed southbound on Riverside Avenue by turning right onto Peninsular Place, then left into the lot.

The six-year Florida Department of Transportation project known as the Overland Bridge Project is nearly over. Construction began Jan. 14, 2013 to replace the series of overpasses that carry traffic over Hendricks, Kings and Montana Avenues along 2.3 miles of I-95 near downtown Jacksonville.

Pending weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the project will be completed this spring, according to FDOT spokesperson Odette Struys. Only two areas need to be finished: the I-95 northbound ramp to Atlantic Boulevard, and the Philips Highway access to I-95 southbound. Struys also noted some items remain on the “punch list,” including installation of new signage and opening a second lane on the old I-95, which is now a service road, past the San Marco exit.

Landscaping bids are scheduled to be let in March 2019, with landscaping beginning that year. A public open house will be scheduled at some point to share the details of that portion of the project.

The $227 million project improves traffic flow along the I-95 corridor just south of the Fuller Warren Bridge, and I-95 was widened to provide an additional lane for southbound traffic.

Riverside gets new parking lot across from Arts Market

Meanwhile, in Riverside, crews are working on the project which includes operational improvements and enhancements to the interchange at Interstate 95 and Interstate 10, the Fuller Warren Bridge, and along the east side of U.S.17 northbound between McDuff Avenue and Rosselle Street.

Crews began filling in ponds under I-95 in June 2017 to make way for a public parking lot, which opened in January 2018, west of Riverside Avenue with access via Peninsular Place. Visitors to the Saturday Riverside Arts Market can take advantage of the free lot.

A traffic shift was recently made along Interstate 95 southbound on the Fuller Warren Bridge to create a work zone allowing crews to begin expansion work, and will remain in place for approximately two years, subject to change.

During the traffic shift, southbound lanes will shift to the inside of the Fuller Warren Bridge beginning at the Park Street ramp, and return to the former configuration after the exit ramp to San Marco Boulevard.

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