Sewer replacement project on horizon for Avondale

Sewer replacement project on horizon for Avondale
The portion of Herschel Street running through Boone Park will be temporarily closed to traffic during a JEA sewer improvement project.

For 27 years, the City of Jacksonville Public Works Department has indicated it will replace an 87-year-old arched culvert on Herschel Street over Little Fishweir Creek.

Finally, it seems the project may be at hand. According to Tia Ford, spokesperson for the City of Jacksonville, a contract was issued on Feb. 7 to J.B. Coxwell Contracting in the amount of $738,853. She also said AT&T was contracting with a provider to protect their facilities before the work begins, tentatively in April.

In 1991, and again in 1998, the City’s Streets and Drainage Department had requested the culvert be replaced at an estimated cost of $250,000. In 2013, the issue was given a project number at a cost of $450,000, and in 2014 was at 90-percent design completion, with funding expected in Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

The culvert replacement was open for bid on Nov. 29, 2017 to replace a failing metal pipe-arch culvert with a box culvert. The roadway will be reconstructed, drainage improved, and the decorative parapet railings replaced with a similar design.

While that is occurring, the Jacksonville Energy Authority hopes to take advantage of the planned temporary road closure for the bridge repair, located between Pinegrove Avenue and Van Wert Avenue for their own project.

According to the JEA, replacement of an aging sanitary sewer infrastructure will be done in coordination with the City’s project.

“We anticipate our work starting in late March/early April and completing the work in August/September 2018,” said Gregory Corcoran, manager, JEA Project Outreach. “However, this schedule is all dependent on the City of Jacksonville’s project. I’m hearing they need to wait on ATT to relocate some lines prior to their work. This could delay our project.” 

According to the JEA, the sanitary sewer pipes have reached the end of their service lives and need to be proactively replaced to increase the reliability of the sewer system and to prevent any future sewer main breaks.

The project involves installing 3,200 linear feet of 16-inch PVC pipe and 415 linear feet of 18-inch HDPE (high-density polyethylene, for the drill under creek).

“Our project will start at the JEA sanitary sewer pump station located near the corner of Pinegrove Avenue and Herschel Street, extend down Herschel street under the bridge to Van Wert Avenue, then continue down Oak Street ending where it intersects with Riverside Avenue,” said Corcoran.

“The pipe installation under the Herschel Street Bridge will be installed using the directional drill method of construction. At this time, the plan is to complete the drill after the bridge work since the sheeting being installed by the City will be deeper than our directional drill, currently expected to take place in July 2018,” he said.

Construction will primarily occur in the City of Jacksonville rights of way, roads and easements. The contractor may be required to temporarily close portions of roads to thru-traffic to complete the installation of the new sewer force main. “These closures are necessary for the both the safety of the workers and the general public,” Corcoran said.

The work along Van Wert Avenue and Oak Street will be constructed block by block with the contractor closing the street to thru traffic and detouring as they work their way down the road.

Residents who reside within the project boundaries will be provided access to their homes and are permitted to drive (with caution) within the construction area. There will be times during the day when customers may have limited access when the contractor is working directly in front of homes or businesses. Street parking will be limited while the contractor is working on each block.

Restoration of the project area will begin after the new sewer force main has been installed, tested and cleared for use. Upon completion of the project, any existing pavement, grass, curb, gutter, driveways or sidewalks affected during construction will be returned to its pre-construction condition. JEA plans on paving the roads from curb to curb within the project’s limits.

Residents with questions or concerns about this project can contact JEA’s Project Outreach team at (904) 665-7500 or email [email protected]

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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