A growing family lays down roots, loves living in San Marco

For Scott and Katherine Wohlers, San Marco is their favorite place to be. The young couple is sharing their love for the parks, restaurants, family friendships and sunset views of the St. Johns River with their children. The neighborhoods are where their story begins, a story of a growing family with big dreams and many more friends to make.

For Scott, it means a career guided by principle – he’s a man that believes his word is his bond – he’s trusted among his peers as a solid leader. He’s never had difficulty expanding his network and helping others achieve their personal best, especially in the world of finances and financial stability. The career path has delivered great results for his tenure in Jacksonville, one that has led him to become a vice president at Riverplace Capital on the Southbank.

Early on, a few years after the arrival of the Regions Bank location on the corner of Lasalle and Hendricks, Scott led the charge at the branch and quickly got engaged in the business community. As a familiar face as the bank branch manager, he became active in the San Marco Merchants Association back in 2014 and established himself as a leader who enjoys taking charge and helping to energize community initiatives. “I’ve been engaged in San Marco for many years; it’s been exciting to grow as a professional and build lasting relationships in the area,” said Scott. “For my wife, Katherine, it’s been exciting for her to get out and grow her career as a local realtor as well,” he shared. “We’re both in careers that allow us to assist others to realize their dreams of home ownership in addition to financial independence.”

After leaving the bank on the corner – Scott branched out – and followed his path of a higher purpose of helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams. In his position with Riverplace Capital, he’s quickly become a contact for those seeking financial advice and sound investment strategies. His theory is simple – make good choices, know your tolerance for risk and and let a trusted advisor help you reach your goals as a partner in investing, not a broker selling products and services that deliver results for the broker. 

In the world of money management, Scott believes strongly in the local approach to investing and his reputation rides on it. He believes that building a foundation on trust and knowledge is key – as anyone can buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other products – right over the phone with a nameless, faceless broker. That is not the way Scott operates and it’s certainly not the way his wife believes things should be handled either. She is a strong contributor to their family’s growth and success, growing her business as a realtor.

“We’re in the business of helping others achieve, our goals begin and end with trust,” said Katherine. “Growing up in Jacksonville, my family’s deep faith and approach to lasting relationships is something we are proud of as well,” she shared. “I grew up the daughter of the youth pastor at First Baptist Church and we were always gathering in fellowship and building bonds.” 

In fact, as a teenager, Katherine’s favorite hangout was The Loop Pizza Grille in San Marco Square. She fondly remembers running about the Square and enjoying the good times in her younger years and knew that one day she would love to raise her family in this same, beautiful community. She now calls Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty home as a realtor, returning to her stomping grounds as a professional agent in real estate. 

“It’s been really fun to come full circle, to raise my children with Scott in this community,” she said. “We’re enjoying our friends, family and look forward to building more bonds as we grow professionally.”

Scott and Katherine are raising 9-year-old Kyleigh, who attends Hendricks and achieves straight A’s and 3-year-old Charlie, whose favorite thrill ride is the slide in Landon Park. If you see Scott or Katherine, introduce yourself — they want to know more about your local story as well.

Scott Wohlers can be reached at [email protected] or call him at (904) 346-3460 or 614-8000. Katherine Wohlers, at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty, can be reached by sending an email to [email protected], calling (904) 314-7524, or by visiting her office at 1983 San Marco Blvd.


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