Road resurfacing project delays San Marco area traffic


If you find yourself tapping your brakes as often as you tap your thumbs in impatience, the good news is the State Road 13 (Hendricks Avenue/San Jose Boulevard) road resurfacing and improvements project is about halfway complete. Although the 320-day project has eight phases, many are concurrent.

Improvements include driveway improvements at Arcadia Drive and sight-distance improvements at San Jose Boulevard South; new traffic signals, mast arms and crosswalk improvements including
countdown audible pedestrian timers at Emerson Street and Greenridge Road; crosswalk improvements including countdown audible pedestrian timers at Ridgeland Road, Dunsford Road
and River Oaks Road; construction of a pedestrian island, crosswalk improvements and countdown audible pedestrian timers at Hendricks Avenue Elementary School; handicap-accessible sidewalk ramp and bus stop upgrades, and the addition of marked bicycle lanes throughout the project limits.

While daytime lane closures are not permitted during northbound morning and southbound afternoon rush hours or near a signalized intersection or at the Hendricks Avenue Elementary School zone, at other times during the day motorists are experiencing long delays on single lanes from Cornell Road north to San Marco Boulevard.

Thanks to Hurricane Irma in September 2017, the project start was delayed to this past January. Barring weather delays or unforeseen circumstances, the $5.4 million project by the Florida Department of Transportation is expected to be complete in spring 2019, but it may be sooner if hurricane season squeaks by without incident.

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