Willowbranch Library offering honor system book sale

Willowbranch Library offering honor system book sale
Juanita Ludford and retired librarian Carol Smith curate the Willowbranch Honor System Book Sale.

The Friends of Willowbranch have recently created an honor system book sale section near the DVD collection at the Willowbranch Library, 2875 Park St., according to Roxanne Henkle, president of the library friends’ group. 

After a number of successful pop-up book sales, selling children’s books and mystery and thrillers, a great idea came from the Friends of South Mandarin Library – to have an ongoing book sale, with dedicated bookshelves full of donated books for patrons to purchase.

Henkle started a coordinated effort with Willowbranch Library Manager Margaret Morford and Regional Manager Marshelle Berry to look at the possibility of having dedicated shelves for an honor system book sale.

The work was completed with help from Juanita Ludford and Carol Smith, who will also oversee the collection of children’s and adults’ books, including sorting, labeling, and shelving donated books. Library patrons will not be required to take the specially-labeled books to the circulation desk; just place the money in a collection box.

“The Friends of Willowbranch would like to extend a special heartfelt thank-you to our Riverside Avondale book-loving community who consistently donate books to the library,” said Henkle. “Your generous book donation allows us to make this project happen. We would also like to thank our early reader patrons of the honor system book sale who found out about the ongoing sale via NextDoor and our Friends of Willowbranch Facebook page.”

The Jacksonville Public Library System’s budget is very tight, said Henkle. “All the money we raised over the years assists Willowbranch Library with additional support for materials, funding for projects and upcoming programming.”

Fall Art Fest at Willowbranch Library

The Willowbranch Library, 2875 Park St., will celebrate art from acclaimed local artists at a Fall Art Fest, Saturday, Sept. 22, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to displays by a dozen artists, the event will include guest speakers on film production and on art in the Main Library’s Makerspace, as well as hands-on art projects for all ages.

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