School support group gives Stockton Elementary new look inside, out

School support group gives Stockton Elementary new look inside, out
Coach Adam Przymylski teaching the fourth-graders how to play GaGa Ball the safe way.

During the summer while kids were playing with friends and staying up late, the active members of Friends of Stockton were busy working hard to spruce up John N.C. Stockton Elementary School in Ortega Forest.

One of the reasons faculty and staff believe Stockton is a great school is the effort the Friends of Stockton put into planning, organizing, and implementing more improvements to the school.

The group got together on a Saturday during the worst heat of the summer, along with 25 other parents, to give the front of the school a facelift, including trimming vines and branches, mulching and planting flowers, to make the front of the little neighborhood school look appealing.

FOS also gave the front office, classroom doors, and the computer lab a much-needed facelift, said Mandy Moore, first-grade teacher and Safety Patrol advisor.

“Walking in to the office you can see our STEM [science, technology, engineering, mathematics] focus with the gear décor, a display case for the FOS-sponsored Robotics team awards, and new bright, stylish furniture. The black walkway support beams and classroom doors leading to the interior courtyards have been painted a vibrant Stockton blue,” she said.

“A special thank you to Greg McMahan and his company for doing all of the manual labor. The computer lab is a much more enjoyable place with a comforting hue of yellow paint, cute robot decorations, and shortcut commands the students can refer too while working in the lab,” said Moore.

The school support group didn’t stop with exterior and interior beautification.  They also purchased additional science materials, such as microscopes, weather vanes, skeleton models, flower models, butterfly kits, etc., to help support the science curriculum in kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms.

Stockton Elementary is also the first school in Duval County to have its own GaGa Ball pit, thanks to the Friends of Stockton and the PTA.

A variant of dodge ball, the game combines dodging, running, striking, and jumping with an 8-inch ball. Players hit the ball at each other with their hands and are eliminated if the ball strikes them on or below the knee. They cannot pick up the ball and throw it. It is a fast-paced game and can be played with up to 25 players. “The students are always eager to play at recess!” said Moore.

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