St. Mark’s Episcopal girls club wins Lemonade Stand Challenge

St. Mark’s Episcopal girls club wins Lemonade Stand Challenge
Emily Dearing, Elinor Davidson, Mamie Burkett, Margaret Brent, Sarah Frances Magevney and Abbay Magevney

In late July, a group of young girls from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church’s Girls Breakfast Club held a successful lemonade stand and bake sale on St. Mark’s campus following church one Sunday. Proceeds benefited Angels for Allison, a local nonprofit dedicated to assisting with funeral expenses and other costs associated with the loss of a child.

The lemonade stand was part of Angels for Allison’s grassroots “Lemonade Stand Challenge.” Children across Jacksonville were encouraged to hold their own neighborhood lemonade stands to support Angels for Allison’s mission of helping bereaved families. Thanks to support from St. Mark’s parishioners, the girls were able to raise more than $300 for the Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation and were recently named winner of the summertime challenge. 

The girls used their winnings to purchase food and staples for the food pantry at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and Outreach in Springfield. One of St. Mark’s ministry partners, St. Mary’s offers a variety of services to those in need in Jacksonville.

“The Lemonade Stand Challenge was a fun and tangible opportunity to help the girls understand the importance of charitable giving at a young age,” said Christine Burkett, St. Mark’s member and co-leader of St. Mark’s Girls Breakfast Club. “I am proud they decided to use their winnings to do even more good for our community!”

The Girls Breakfast Club is a Sunday school class for fourth- and fifth-grade girls offered by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. In addition to meeting on Sundays, they participate in service projects throughout the year.

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