Chamber trustees get inside look at ‘unreasonable leadership’

Chamber trustees get inside look at ‘unreasonable leadership’
JAX Chamber trustees and guests met for their annual luncheon to hear keynote speaker Gary Chartrand share insights about management.

Gary Chartrand, Executive Chairman of Acosta, Inc., was the keynote speaker at the annual Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Trustees Luncheon, held Oct. 2 at the Deerwood Country Club. Chartrand shared insights from his strategic management of the 91-year-old company, taking the business from a regional brand to the national level.

Acosta was founded in 1927 by Louis Acosta as a family-run, single-market food broker in Jacksonville. After acquisitions gave the company a regional presence in the Southeast, Gary Chartrand became president in 1993, CEO in 1996 and board chair in 1998. One year later, the company went national with a contract with Minute Maid. The group continued its stellar growth for the next two decades.

In his remarks to the Chamber trustees, Chartrand referred to his 2010 e-book, “Unreasonable Leadership,” noting that it is only by being an unreasonable leader and taking risks, that a company can grow and succeed.


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