Supporters raise awareness of Learn to Read mission

Supporters raise awareness of Learn to Read mission
Gina Gordon, Matrell Sanders and Hillery Shephard

It’s been nearly 50 years since Learn to Read took on its mission to improve adult literacy in Duval County. To raise a little money and bring awareness to its noble goal, the nonprofit held Learn to Read Cocktails for Literacy at The Grape & Grain Exchange Nov. 30.

“We are excited that our 50th anniversary will be in 2019. We were oversold at 57 guests,” said Executive Director Judy Bradshaw. “This is intended to be a small fundraiser. It’s not about making a lot of money as much as raising awareness for our mission and the adult literacy issues facing our community. Twenty percent of all adults in Duval County are functionally illiterate,” she said, adding that her agency raised nearly $4,000 through the event. 

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