Tax collector prepares to move Westside branch

The Duval County Tax Collector’s Westside office, currently located in Cedar Hills at Blanding and Wilson Boulevards, is making plans to relocate to larger space about five miles southeast at the Super Target plaza on Roosevelt Boulevard.

            According to a legislative summary prepared by the City Council’s Research Division, the current location is too small to meet the needs of the more than 107,000 customers served each year and cannot be expanded. The Cedar Hills Branch is one of the highest volume branches out of the nine in the county.

           The City Council approved the legislation June 11 for an appropriation of funds, and the timeframe of the move is anticipated to be next year.

            “Build out will begin on the new space after the City Council approves and the Mayor signs the current pending legislation,” said Marjorie Dennis, public communications officer for the Office of the Mayor. “Once it begins, build out will take approximately 6-7 months. We anticipate relocating in the first part of 2020.”

            The Tax Collector’s office will utilize 8,300 square feet of office space located at 6331 Roosevelt Blvd., owned by South Ortega Land Trust, a Sleiman Enterprises property filed under Southeastern Property Investments LLC. The term of the lease agreement is 10 years and 10 months (130 months) with two five-year renewal options. The legislative fact sheet notes the landlord will provide $275,000 toward the cost of build-out as well as waiver of rent for the first seven months.

            The Tax Collector’s Office has $600,000 appropriated for the build-out from legislation approved in 2016. The 2019 request for appropriation of $212, 655 will cover the purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment, infrastructure technology, mail equipment, and other expenses necessary for the relocation of the Cedar Hills Branch.

By Kate A. Hallock, Resident Community News

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