MOCA patrons preview new Project Atrium installation

MOCA patrons preview new Project Atrium installation
Ylva Rouse, Stevie and Frances Garvey, Adianez Garcia back: Tommy Williams, Aaron Garvey, Kedgar Volta and Brandon Pourch

Patrons of the Museum of Contemporary Art—Jacksonville (MOCA) turned out July 18 to preview the latest Project Atrium installation, “Camp/Wall/Flock” by celebrated international artist Khalid Albaih. The exhibit, on display through October 27, highlights the refugee and asylee community in Northeast Florida, as well as the city of Jacksonville as a point of entry into the United States. Albaih created a wall dividing the MOCA Atrium Gallery in half. On one side, life-sized passport tents form an encampment—temporary, clustered and containing, representing the countries with the most arrivals to Jacksonville of individuals with approved status as asylees, entrants and displaced people. On the other side of the wall, American passports are inverted, becoming birds flocking and flying freely.

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