Ruby shoes and big-hearted donors

Ruby shoes and big-hearted donors
Rosa Maria King, Jorge and Margie Morales with Beth and Chris Leavitt and Fitch King

Generous donors adorned in a variety of ruby-colored shoes clicked their heels in a show of support for those who are the voice of vulnerable children going through the Duval County Court system during the Guardian ad Litem Wizard of Oz-themed fundraiser, There’s No Place Like Home, Nov. 15. The magical evening, which took place within the marbled halls of courthouse, was overseen by honorary co-chairs Kathleen and Seth Pajcic of San Marco. Jalen Miranda, a senior at University High School in Orlando, was the keynote speaker. Singers from LaVilla School of the Arts, directed by Shawn Pendry, performed for the crowd. Also seen at the event were Dorothy and her friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.

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