Honoring the past while looking forward

Honoring the past while looking forward
Herman Paul, Marsha Pollock with Janis and Bob Fleet and Deanna and Mike Lissner

River Garden Hebrew Home’s past and present board members, administrators and community leaders toasted the senior living facility’s 30th anniversary at its Mandarin location Dec. 10. As a slide show honoring the Jewish facility’s former location in Riverside and its move to Mandarin played in the background, senior facility officials reviewed the progress made since the Hebrew home’s conception and toasted its 30 years of success at its Mandarin location. Speaking at the event were Gloria Einstein, president of River Garden Senior Services, Susan Cohen, president of River Garden Hebrew Home, Elliot Palevsky, CEO Emeritus, River Garden Senior Services, who oversaw the move from Riverside to Mandarin, and Martin A. Goetz, CEO of River Garden Senior Services.

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