In Memoriam: Anis Ira Daley

In Memoriam: Anis Ira Daley
Muffet Rhyne, Cameron Crowe, Susan Hamner, Anis and Barney Daley, Annie Pajcic

October 25, 1936 – December 18, 2019

It has been said that Anis Daley “spoke her faith quietly but demonstrated it loudly.”

At the recent Celebration of Life service at Ortega United Methodist Church, where she was a member for over 50 years, Pastor Art McClellan described Daley as “practical, gracious, proud of her children, her 14 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and was faithful to God and her family.”

Daley grew up in Jacksonville and lived in the same house in Avondale until her marriage at Riverside Park Methodist Church in 1958 to her beloved husband of 59 years, Barnwell (Barney) Daley, who preceded her in death July 2017. The talented, creative Daleys shared an appreciation of artistic endeavors, which they passed on to their four daughters: Annie Pajcic (Currie), Muffet Rhyne (Steve), Susan Hammer (Marty) and Cameron Crowe (Derrill).           

Pajcic, founder of “Thou Art Exalted” Ministries, spoke at the service and described her mother as “funny, stylish and cool. She smiled, dressed, and decorated with color. She taught us to be respectful, not judgmental. To have manners, poise and to never give up! She was perfect in Christian faith.” Even when her mother lost her hair during a two-year struggle with cancer, she would look in the mirror and say, “I’m so blessed,” Pajcic recalled, noting Daley had complete confidence in the fact that she would have eternal life and often said, “My flight is paid for and I have a first-class ticket.”

During the service, Pajcic continued by saying that her mother deserved the best actor’s award. “No one around her realized how ill she really was since she always greeted people with hospitality and an inviting spirit. She made everyone feel special.”

Daley was an accomplished woman. In addition to her many social activities, she served as a director on numerous boards and taught art at John Stockton Elementary School, Ortega Elementary and at the former Children’s Museum, which is now Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History. She and Barney were instrumental in the founding of St. Mark’s Episcopal School.

For 25 years, she owned and operated Anis Daley’s Interiors on Talbot Avenue in Avondale. She was always active by participating in book clubs, garden club, church activities, bicycling with Barney, fishing and enjoying the family farm where she loved the outdoors. 

During the celebration service, Pajcic remarked poignantly that during her mother’s 88th birthday party, “23 family members went around the table with each person to saying what she meant to us. A few comments included: the best back scratcher, generous, tough, joyful, optimistic and never complaining.” Daley was devoted to her family and always interested in their activities and excited about their achievements.

Her family recently published a book of the stories describing the devoted couple’s joy-filled life, which has been illustrated with Barney’s wonderful watercolor paintings. It is a sterling tribute and memento to lives well lived and a celebration of their triumph song of life.

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