Reader grateful for coverage

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you printing all of the letters you received regarding Park Place in this month’s Letters to the Editor.

I am in support of the Park Place development and have been fortunate enough to find time to attend many of the council meetings on this matter.  I’ve even started to organize an email list for those in support to help make others aware of meeting dates and time.

However, not everyone can attend a meeting downtown or when they do, feels comfortable to stand up and speak in front of a room, or put their name on a document of public record (fear of retaliation/impact to business).  It is because of this, that what you did is so important.

Twenty-nine letters, representing 31 people, were sent in support of this development.  Many of the names were new to me and were people that had not vocalized support at the council meetings.  Five letters, representing five people, were sent in opposition to the development.  All five of those people have spoken in front of City Council.

As a voice that represents San Marco, I appreciate the paper showing these messages in their un-edited form. 

It is critical that residents have a way to communicate their vision for San Marco.  I believe these messages illustrate there are many different ways to show our support for things, and I hope that our leaders can appreciate the time these residents took to write the paper.

As an influential source of news for our community, I know that you have many issues that compete for attention.  I appreciate the time you have spent and will continue to spend covering this story.

Morgan Roberts, San Marco

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