American Heart virtual challenges help families curb cabin fever

American Heart virtual challenges help families curb cabin fever

The American Heart Association is helping families stay active and healthy through its Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge.

The virtual experience includes a 10-day challenge, featuring fun, engaging activities that will not only help combat a case of cabin fever, but it will also allow students and parents to stay connected while not together at school.

“While the school closures are necessary to ensure the safety of our children, families and community, I can’t help to be genuinely concerned about the students’ missed opportunities from school activities, to community and social events, to valuable time spent with one another, including our Kids Heart Challenge,” said First Coast American Heart Association Youth Market Director Jacquelyn Easterling.

Daily emails offer home activities, kid-friendly recipes and tips for parents to keep mental health and physical activity a priority.

“We are focused on the safety of your child,” said Easterling. “At the same time, keeping kids on the move and eating nutritious foods is extremely important to our students’ heart health.”

Over the 10-day time span, families can join in the following activities: Dance, Know Your Heart, Complete Finn’s Missions, Jump!, Connect the Dots, Know the Stroke Signs, Time to Cook Healthy!, Game Day, Slam Dunk! Be Grateful, Move More.

Students and parents may only access the Kids Heart Challenge through their school.

If you are interested in signing up, contact your school administrator to express interest. School administrators should contact Jacquelyn Easterling at or 904-657-8171. Registration and all resources are free.

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