Virtual Dance Marathon raises $29, 931 for Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Virtual Dance Marathon raises $29, 931 for Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Seniors from Bishop Kenny, Episcopal and Bolles held a virtual high school dance marathon over Zoom, raising $29,931.59 for Wolfson Children’s Hospital April 13-17. From left: Charli Esposito, Katie Vossman, Mary El Hassan, Christian Nackashi, Somerset Acosta-Rua, Leila Roberts, Bianca Degrado, Knox Greene, Jack Adams, Alston Rachels. Bottom left: Patrick Patangan, Gentian Fairman and Charlotte Rosenberg

Despite the adversity of a COVID-19 lockdown, Bishop Kenny Seniors Patrick Patangan and Katie Vossman wanted to make sure that the Jacksonville community came together for the annual high school Dance Marathon.

 Dance Marathon 2020 was held virtually April 13-17, to raise money for Wolfson’s Children Hospital. It followed a daily theme starting with Monday, “Not Done Fighting, FTK”, Tuesday, “What are you doing during quarantine?”, Wednesday, “You Can Still Make an Impact”, Thursday, “Morale Dance Challenge” and Friday culminated with “We will NEVER stop fighting for the kids, FTK”.  The event was a huge success and raised $29,931.59 in five days.

 Vossman and Patangan said they wanted to stand for those children who can’t stand by themselves and give something back in a time of need. The students along with Bishop Kenny sophomore Charli Esposito attended a Zoom meeting after the lockdown, hosted by Children’s Miracle Network, with colleges around the globe to learn how to move forward with the event virtually.

The BK Interact Club joined forces with Bolles and the Episcopal School of Jacksonville’s Interact Clubs for the virtual event. “This event would not have been possible without the efforts of all three schools who have been involved in the fundraising and planning efforts since the beginning of the school year,” Patangan said, adding “without the help of Charlotte Rosenberg from Episcopal, and Gentian Fairman from Bolles, this event wouldn’t have been the same.”

Interact Club sponsor Christine Keyser shared her thoughts on the event and her students. “I ‘have had the humbling blessing to be the teacher sponsor for the Interact Club and thus the Dance Marathon,” she said. “Over the last few weeks, I have spoken with, planned with and prayed for the ‘saints among us’ who are determined to carry out service above self. They have Zoomed from their kitchen tables, bedrooms, backyards and sitting in the middle of the St. John’s on their boat. To complete this call to service has never left the minds and hearts of these Bishop Kenny student leaders. Still with the gift of innocence, they do not completely comprehend the power of love that they are giving in a time of desperation and fear.  They have been the teacher and I the grateful student.”

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