St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School celebrates 50th graduating class

St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School celebrates 50th graduating class
St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School students practiced social distancing during their sixth-grade graduation ceremony June 5.

Four academic excellence awards were given out as 16 students graduated in the 50th graduating class of St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School June 5.

Receiving awards were Robert Adams, Head of School Award; Dallas Ashley Morgan, St. Mark’s Award; Angeline (Annie) Leigh Adams, Board of Regents Merit Award; and Tesla Swain, Rector’s Award.

 Each year, the sixth-grade teachers choose a theme for their students’ year ahead. This year’s theme, “Ignite! Even a small spark can change the world,” was the focal point of Brandi Akerstrom’s message to the sixth-grade students. Little did anyone realize how timely and appropriate this theme would become.

“The last 8 weeks of school solidified the determination, perseverance, and positive attitude you all are made of. We have all been impressed,” said Akerstrom during her address to the graduates.

During her remarks, Akerstrom relayed two important messages to the graduating class. The first was how to fuel their inner fire with three important components – courage, confidence, and challenge. Secondly, she explained how St. Mark’s has prepared them to start their fire by using the four essential steps – gathering tools, building the fire, lighting the fire, and feeding the fire. “Class of 2020, you are the most equipped class to face adversity, change, and new beginnings as is evident in the way you have carried through your years at St. Mark’s, your sixth-grade leadership year, and most significantly the last eight weeks of school. You were born to change the world. We are proud of you,” she said.

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