The Resident a ‘lifesaver’ in troubled times

Dear Editor, 

I just had to take a few minutes to let you and your staff know how thankful my husband Jim and I are for The Resident! With all that is going on at the national, state, and local level with this virus and the protests and the shootings and stressful news in general, The Resident is literally a “life-saver.” A breath of fresh air! A joy to receive! 

The articles and pictures lift our spirits as we read about all of the really good things that are going on in our neighborhood as well as the surrounding ones. Believe it or not, you could call The Resident a “stress reducer”. We enjoy the way the paper announces what is going on in people’s lives, in local businesses, and finding where we can find different kinds of help if we need it. 

One of our good friends, who was considering moving to Jacksonville, asked us some questions about the community. We sent her a copy of The Resident. Not only was she able to get a feel of community life in San Marco and Riverside, but she was able to check out Realtors who sold homes in the areas she was interested in. 

We have been long-time fans of The Resident. We have enjoyed reading about our neighbors, what is happening in our local schools, and what kind of organizations are adding to our quality of life here. 

Right now, though, The Resident gives us hope that good things can happen even in a pandemic! The things we read in The Resident show us that no matter what, people will keep doing good things to help their community! 

Our deep appreciation to your staff. 


Laura Ward Crooks 

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