Resident disputes need for mandated vaccinations

In response to the letter in the current issue of the San Marco Resident titled “Children need wellness appointments, vaccinations,” I wonder if the good doctors are aware of the unexpected benefits of the drop in these visits and the accompanying vaccinations.  It seems that, according to CDC statistics listed in “Lessons from the Lockdown: Why are so many fewer children dying? A White Paper from Health Choice by Amy Becker and Mark Blaxill (June 18, 2020), “amid near universal lockdowns, roughly 30% fewer children died. … Virtually the entire change came from infants. Somehow, the changing pattern of American life during the lockdowns has been saving the lives of hundreds of infants, over 200 per week.” And later in the paper, the authors reach the following conclusion:  “What no one would have predicted in advance of Covid19 is that the extreme lockdown response has produced a natural experiment that actually calls into question the very actions—widespread, mandated vaccines for all–that the infectious disease and public health community have been pushing for years.” 


Diane Royal
St. Nicholas

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