The Resident, a focus of good news in the community

Three years ago, when I joined St. John’s Cathedral as director of marketing and communications, I contacted The Resident Community News about taking out a monthly advertisement. The Cathedral is downtown, outside of the delivery area of the newspapers, but many of our parishioners live in these areas. Advertising in the paper has been a great fit for us. The paper not only features news about our community, but it’s also the one paper that people tell me they read from cover to cover each month.

On the editorial side, the reporters at The Resident Community News have done a fabulous job featuring news from the Cathedral about people and businesses in the communities that surround downtown Jacksonville. When we hosted a luncheon to celebrate the lifelong friendship of three Cathedral members who have shaped our community, Seth Williams and Marcia Hodgson came to cover the event. Marcia wrote a standout piece, “Celebrating Sisterhood through Philanthropy and Community Leadership” (Jan. 2020). She also has covered events at the Cathedral Bookstore featuring partnerships with Jacksonville nonprofits including Rethreaded, Angels for Allison, City Rescue Mission and the North Florida School for Special Education. 

In addition, as a Riverside resident, I thank you for your excellent work and your continued commitment to focusing on the good news in our community!

Nancy Purcell

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