Cash in your valuables in the New Year

Cash in your valuables in the New Year
Bill Duke and Bill Hatchett

Do you know what your items are worth?

For many, Christmas comes and goes without much of a fuss as gifts are given and pleasantries are exchanged. Some gifts hit a high note, others fall flat and make for a perfect exchange for some quick New Year’s cash on the flip side.

Aside from Christmas and the holiday season, there are gifts exchanged all year, some are given when there is a death in the family, some are given during special moments of transition from family via marriage or in other unfortunate cases, divorce. Others are simply a matter of timing, as some are fortunate to have access to family gifts and heirlooms as they come of age.

Some families bestow upon its next of kin the gifts that mark the passing of time and tradition like Rolex Watches, pearl necklaces, grandmother’s diamonds, vintage handbags, and estate jewelry; passed down from generation to generation. These gifts often mean a great deal to families that honor tradition – from the givers to the recipients. 

However, they can also be helpful in the event of a family emergency or time of difficulty like COVID and its wrath upon many professions. Knowledge of the objects value renders them incredibly useful when the owner is cash-strapped, even if it is a momentary need, so one can learn what liquidity is available in the case of an emergency. After all, diamonds have always been a great insurance policy for the wealthy, or anyone given a sizeable precious stone as a gift.

Do you know what you own? 

One thing that can change the value of the objects you own is their uniqueness, sentimental value doesn’t play into the conversation when cash is offered. 

“Often times, we are helping someone get rid of a large diamond or estate jewelry collection from a divorce settlement, or the passing of a wealthy relative or parent,” said Bill Hatchett, owner of A Coin & Stamp, professional numismatist [coin expert]. “In some cases, they would rather get rid of the object or the valuable gift at hand in order to put cash in their pocket,” he said. “Either way, we offer the highest prices in town – they are welcome to shop other offers – but we end up paying more.”

Cash in today, accurate appraisals are always available

There are also gifts that would otherwise go into the hands of someone that won’t appreciate the value and could never realize the opportunity they have been given. In this circumstance, consider taking the valuables and getting them officially appraised, to better understand their importance to a museum, a gallery and/or a to take cash payout if the price is right. 

Collectibles take a special buyer, this is where Bill Hatchett and his team are always on the hunt, when others are going to refuse to buy what’s being presented, or simply cannot come to the table with the cash in hand.

Example: we would pay $50,000 for this note
Example: we would pay $50,000 for this note

“They [other buyers] simply don’t know what to do in most circumstances, whereas, we have buyers and advisors throughout the Southeast. We even have appraiser and buyers from around the world that advise us on unique items and purchases, if needed.” Hatchett continued, “We buy and sell items that most other stores will pass on, they simply don’t know the value of some collectibles in the market; we can make offers and make deals happen, right on the spot. A good time to sell is when you have a willing buyer.” 

It’s nice to know that when times are tough, you have a resource that can provide a quick cash offer, if a need for quick cash arises. Sometimes, a family gift isn’t what your taste calls for or you wish to purchase something more your taste, you can always get cash for your inherited items and buy what you want with your money.

Funds on hand, offers within minutes

You can always count on Bill Hatchett in times of crisis; times you may never have anticipated. There is always a cash offer on the table for quality items of gold, silver, gemstones, diamonds, coins, and collectibles such as Civil War relics, paper currencies, pistols and rifles, and shotguns from Parker or Purdey, to name a few makes.

High-ticket returns on unique items, rare finds

What most people don’t know is that a watch purchased back in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a Rolex, or other recognizable luxury brand like Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet and/or vintage and rare pocket watches by Cartier or Elgin, some date back to the late early-1900’s, these are unique, limited edition runs that pull tremendous value in the resale market. 

“Tangible precious metals like gold and silver, they always hold value, but some of the Rolex watch brands hold tremendous value today, beyond the uptick that gold and silver have seen,” said Bill Hatchett of A-Coin & Stamp Gallery, “You just can’t make them anymore. They were limited runs and now have immense popularity among collectors, the Cosmograph Daytona, launched in 1963 is one of the most iconic and sought after.” 

There are a few other highly valued timepieces that Hatchett loves to see come through the door, like the vintage and most complicated Rolexes, some with triple calendar and moon phase, and early Submariners, the early “big-crown” models and military-issued variants are also collectibles that pull big cash payouts at A-Coin. 

Bill certainly knows the market on collectibles, and he has been a leading numismatist in Northeast Florida for generations, helping coin collectors’ cash in and those seeking a solid start to their own collection, he is also incredibly bullish on rare paper notes, most coming from the banking system before the Federal Reserve banks were centralized. Rare bank notes on paper can fetch upwards of $50,000 per note, and higher, so if you are in possession of rare notes dating back to the later 1800’s and into the early 1900s, bring them in for a look. It’s not always a buying moment, but the fact that one can validate a special note is fun for collectors, not just for a payday.

Bill Hatchett and his team at A-Coin & Stamp await your visit, they’re currently buying and selling daily at the showroom, located at 6217 St. Augustine Road in the 32217-zip code. Stop by for a visit, or browse the immense inventory of collectible coins, stamps, and other unique currency available for purchase. Don’t forget to ask about Gold, Silver, and other metals if you’re in the market, the values are rising! A-Coin can be contacted by calling 904-733-1204.

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