Tiny Dock Concerts grow, activate the river

Tiny Dock Concerts grow, activate the river
Victoria Halloway, R.L. Hilliard, Matt Tucci and Thomas Knox enjoyed the concert series’ latest installment on the Ortega River.

Mission goes beyond music, uplifting spirits in the community

Founded by husband and wife team, Bryan and Amber Osborne, who also host the bands on their ‘tiny dock’, the series highlights the intersection of support for musicians and local businesses. The efforts also helps activate the utilization and advocacy of the river, broadens awareness of the St. Johns RIVERKEEPER’s mission, and ultimately helps to raise spirits during the pandemic.

“In line with our personal and wellness business mission, we really just want people to smile and be lifted up, to connect with each other, and to be inspired to infuse goodness and wellness around them,” shared Amber Osborne.

The last installment featured Ample Angst, Feb. 20, and the next show will be March 20, highlighting Grammy nominee Dave Eggar and Company.

For more on the series, upcoming river cleanups and more show lineups,
visit the Facebook page by searching TinyDockConcerts.

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