Jim Moran Foundation gives $685K to Feeding Northeast Florida

The Jim Moran Foundation has awarded $685,000 to Feeding Northeast Florida (FNEFL) to commemorate the foundation’s 20th anniversary. The grant will support FNEFL’s Prescriptive Nutrition program in which FNEFL will partner with Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHCs) and Free and Charitable Clinics (FCHCs) to aid low income, uninsured patients referred by the clinic providers. The program will exclusively serve Duval County. 

The $685,000 grant will be distributed over three years, providing mission support and funding for nursing students led by a registered dietitian to help provide healthy food and teach community members how to incorporate it into their daily diet. This initiative will go hand-in-hand with the Corner Market program that FNEFL launched in 2020. 

The Corner Markets mobile pantries were developed to address food insecurity on a street-by-street level to combat food deserts — areas with no direct access to grocery stores and other healthy food options. The markets are equipped with space specifically for the prescriptive nutrition initiative, where nursing students and dietitians can meet with clients, discuss their individual needs and track their progress over time — directly linking their recommendations to the fresh, healthy food available at the market. With the additional funds provided through this grant, FNEFL will be able to continue to provide healthy food options and nutrition education to those in need. 

“We are grateful for The Jim Moran Foundation’s support through the awarding of this grant,” said Susan King, president and CEO of Feeding Northeast Florida. “These funds will directly support our prescriptive nutrition program, a concept we are eager to grow in the coming years. Proper nutrition leads to healthier lives, and we want to continue to educate and help those in our community in every way possible through innovative programs.”

Jim Moran established The Jim Moran Foundation in 2000 to ensure his giving back to children and families would continue for many generations to come. To recognize this 20-year milestone, The Foundation has committed more than $12 million in special grants that reach beyond its traditional funding priorities to support nonprofit partners that are meeting the ever-changing needs of the community in Broward, Duval and Palm Beach counties.

“We are confident that the holistic approach of the Prescriptive Nutrition Program will provide better health for individuals and families who require specialized food to improve their overall wellbeing,” said Jan Moran, chairman and president of The Jim Moran Foundation.

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