Sulzbacher psychiatrist earns Hippocratic Award

Sulzbacher psychiatrist earns Hippocratic Award
LEFT TO RIGHT: The Turner family came out to celebrate a special day for their matriarch. Pictured are Cecelia, Joey and Olivia, with their mother, award recipient Ana Turner, Madeline and her husband Stephen. (Photo courtesy of Melinda Fawcett)

Sulzbacher Psychiatrist Dr. Ana Turner, an assistant professor and clerkship director for the department of psychiatry at the UF College of Medicine, Jacksonville, was recognized as the 2021 Hippocratic Award winner for her outstanding teaching abilities at a ceremony, May 6. 

Established by the UF College of Medicine class of 1969, the Hippocratic Award is presented by each graduating class to a faculty member who represents the ideal role model and embodies professionalism, humanism, and teaching prowess.  Since its inception, the award has been given to 36 faculty members who span 10 departments.

“Today’s recipient embodies those innate qualities that create an exemplary educator,” said UF College of Medicine Dean Colleen G. Koch, M.D., M.S., M.B.A., during the ceremony. “Not only does she have a firm grasp of the science and clinical skills that she is teaching, but this educator also ignites her students’ imaginations, leading with passion, innovation and empathy.”

Turner, a graduate of the UF College of Medicine back in 2010 served as chief resident in the department of psychiatry from 2013-2014. She fiercely advocates for those who may be stigmatized by society and makes it her mission to teach medical students and residents to do the same for their patients. She found her calling in community psychiatry thanks in part to one of her medical school mentors: the late Richard Christensen, M.D., a two-time Hippocratic Award recipient who dedicated his career to providing health care to homeless and underserved populations.

Turner continues Christensen’s legacy, spending part of her week at UF Health Jacksonville mentoring medical students and residents and the other part of her week on city streets and at Sulzbacher, a comprehensive center for the area’s homeless population that addresses housing, income, and health care. She also works in tandem with the team at the Sulzbacher Homeless Outreach Project Expansion, or HOPE, to connect with potential new patients. As part of this outreach, Turner takes residents and medical students on rotations to meet homeless patients where they are.

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