AIA Jacksonville Has A Riverfront Vision

AIA Jacksonville Has A Riverfront Vision

The Jacksonville chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Jacksonville) has a riverfront vision for the city. A chapter team has been developing the vision since 2015. Leading this initiative is a 48-year San Marco resident, Dave Engdahl, AIA Emeritus.

The AIA Jacksonville vision consists of a series of activity nodes developed at key points along the Riverwalks with pedestrian links connecting from the river into the city. Each activity node is envisioned to be based on a theme relating to Jacksonville’s history and culture and centered around a 15-20-foot-tall icon relating to the respective theme.

Each activity node will be anchored by a 100-foot-tall waveform marker visible from one node to another. Lasers on the markers will connect across the river and provide for light shows along the banks.

Today, the AIA vision is strictly that, a vision, not a plan or masterplan that mandates specific locations for the activity nodes, nor the specific story of Jacksonville history or culture to be featured at each respective node. The AIA vision provides a broad framework for projects that would feature Jacksonville’s story and engage residents and visitors alike.

To watch the two-and-a-half-minute video entitled “A Vision for Jacksonville” that summarizes and showcases the vision, visit

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