Residents illustrate appreciation for favorite postal carrier

Residents illustrate appreciation for favorite postal carrier
Lynn Church, letter carrier for the Ortega Terrace neighborhood, displays all of her gifts, cards and balloons that she received from the neighbors in honor of her 60th birthday.

When Lauren Davis realized that Lynn Church, the letter carrier for her Ortega Terrace neighborhood, had an upcoming 60th birthday, she wanted to do something special for her.

Lynn has covered the neighborhood as her route for about 10 years and, according to Davis, she has developed the most special relationships with the neighbors living there.

“Lynn is part of our Ortega Terrace family. She takes care of all of us,” Davis said.

Davis asked her neighbors if they would help her make Church’s birthday special. Her son, Jacob, helped as well by delivering notices by bike to all their neighbors letting them know about Church’s birthday and how they could help. They also posted the surprise plans on the neighborhood social media.

“Lynn was thrilled and said it was the best birthday she’s ever had,” said Davis. “She said she received more than 100 gifts and even had people remember for a few days following her birthday.”

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