Traditions Realty, an unconventional full-service agency

Sally Suslak
Sally Suslak

Traditions Realty, LLC is a full-service agency that offers everything and anything to do with real estate. Whether buying, selling, renting, or needing help managing a property, Traditions is a stellar choice.

Despite their name, Traditions is rather unconventional. Half of their business is concentrated in listings and sales, half in property management and rentals. “Small, local companies as well as large franchises don’t usually mix property management with sales. For us, they go hand in hand,” said Sally Suslak, the firm’s owner.

What’s more, Traditions Realty lists and sells all kinds of homes—from $60,000 fixer uppers to multi-million investments and everything in between. “And everybody gets treated the same,” Suslak said.

Her team consists of 40 agents and seven staff members, including a CAM Manager, Kathleen Nadeau, who is specially licensed to manage Condominium and Homeowners Associations as well as large commercial properties.

Suslak knows the Jacksonville area well. She and her husband bought their first house here in 1977. They still live in the Riverside-Avondale area where they raised their family. “We watched our kids grow up with Jacksonville. We’ve watched this city come into its own, and it’s continuing to get better and better all the time,” Suslak said.

But Traditions Realty doesn’t limit its scope to Jacksonville’s borders. They cover all of northeast Florida. They reach as far south as St. Augustine, as far north as Callahan, and as far east as Amelia Island. The company is a member of several Multiple Listing Services with easy access to showings across a wide span to meet clients’ real estate needs and desires. 

Traditions Realty began in a small office on Park Street in 2009 during the market crash, when homeowners who were losing their houses needed places to live. “People couldn’t sell their homes, and we had people to rent them. We wanted to help people out,” Suslak said.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, managing properties and helping owners with their rentals and property management, even when other real estate companies shied away from it. We’ve been doing it professionally, and we’ve been doing it well,” said Sacha Higham, Realtor and Principal of Traditions.

In 2014, Traditions Realty expanded its quarters to their current location on Riverside Avenue. They continue to offer fair representation to renters as well as sellers. Their agents are equally concerned with the best interest of all who are involved with a real estate transaction.

“We work outside the box but within the bounds of the law to make things work,” Suslak said. She and her team come up with creative solutions to sometimes complex real estate challenges. “Traditions is ready to serve. We are open to meeting new clients and talking with them about what we do, why we do it, how we do it differently, and how that’s going to benefit them,” she added.

Suslak has earned prestige in the realty field, is esteemed by colleagues and clients alike, and remains entrenched in leadership roles throughout the real estate arena. Most recently, Sulsak was chosen as Chair of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2022 Single Family Investment Management Committee, one that guides the organization’s policies and priorities. “We’ll be talking about the many issues that are going on in the rental world that have been born out of COVID,” she said.

Simultaneously, Suslak is in the midst of her second three-year term as a Director for NAR. For the past decade, she has been a Director of Florida Realtors. And in 2015, she served as President of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors.

By Mary Wanser
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