Cucoranu Earns Wide Acclaim With Downtown Jacksonville Project

Cucoranu Earns Wide Acclaim With Downtown Jacksonville Project
Alida Cucoranu

A first semester Capstone Project by junior Alida Cucoranu from Bolles was selected as one of Global Online Academy’s 20 exemplary works and was published in the nonprofit academy’s 2021 public showcase.

Cucoranu’s project, “How can we promote Downtown Jacksonville’s economic development while supporting local businesses and the environment,” was chosen from more than 270 student projects submitted.

“Your presentation opened with an engaging beautiful question, and your response was carefully researched, detailed, and compelling. Your project has great potential for making an impact – thank you for your work to catalyze positive change on such important issues,” said GOA Director of Membership Kelsey Hall. “We hope that sharing your project on this public stage is just the beginning.”

The Bolles School partners with Global Online Academy (GOA) to provide online classes, workshops and other educational resources for students and teachers from 120 member independent schools.

Cucoranu’s GOA architecture teacher Mais Alazab was complimentary of her work and hopeful for the real-life changes it could help stir in downtown Jacksonville.

“You have been relentlessly pushing yourself to higher limits, consistently crafting and refining your learning outcomes and positively engaging with collegial feedback and the sharing of knowledge,” Alazab said. “Your project addresses a large-scale challenge in Jacksonville’s downtown and it is commended for its ambitious scope and display of a wide range of skills.”

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