Runoff coming for City Council At-Large Seat

Runoff coming for City Council At-Large Seat
Trayce Polson (left) and Nick Howland (right)

A runoff election will decide the next steps in the special election for the At- Large Group 3 seat for Jacksonville City Council. The seat that was vacated by the passing of former Mayor and City Councilman Tommy Hazouri in September of 2021.

Nick Howland and Trayce Polson are headed for a run-off election on Feb. 22 after they finished nearly tied during the neck and neck open primary Tuesday, the first round of voting was held Dec. 7.

Neither candidate could break the 50 percent tally needed to win outright, as two other candidates gained enough votes to keep the campaign marching onward to the Spring election date.

In Jacksonville’s special election primaries, despite party, candidates appear together on the ballot for the race to replace a vacant seat. On the first special election run James “Coach” Jacobs and Trayce Polson ran as Democrats, while Howland “Howdy” Russell and Nick Howland campaigned as Republicans.

Democrat candidate Polson won 36.5% of the vote, while Republican front runner Howland came in at 36.08% of the vote, these stats were based on a 12.59% turnout and were tallied before mail-in ballots were final, which were not significant enough to move the needle for any candidate.

According to voting data, Ortega United Methodist Church was one of the busiest precincts with 500 ballots cast, versus the average of 150 votes cast at other precincts citywide.

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