Dorion Exhibit coming to St. John’s Cathedral

Dorion Exhibit coming to St. John’s Cathedral

On Easter Sunday, April 17 a Dottie Dorion art exhibit will open downtown in Taliaferro Hall gallery at St. John’s Cathedral, 256 E. Church Street. Admission is free and open to the public.

Dorion, a long-time member of the church, will show works she’s done using acrylics and oils on canvas, some framed and some wrapped. She will display primarily abstracts but also some landscapes. A variety of sizes will be available to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Dorion will donate 100% of the proceeds from her sales to benefit various projects at the Cathedral.

Dorion is an artist possessing color and texture dexterity and is member of multiple museums locally and nationwide. Her paintings, known to offer generous gifts to their viewers, have been described by admirers as energetic, courageous, and full of curiosity.

In addition to displaying her work and raising funds for the Cathedral, Dorion hopes that her exhibit will encourage folks to pick up a brush. “Everybody has the capability of painting. I hope it inspires other people,” she said.

Dottie Dorian painting

The “Dottie Dorion: New and Recent Paintings” exhibit is expected to stay up for several months, open on Sundays 9-1 and Mondays through Fridays 9-3. To make an appointment outside of those hours, please call (904) 356-5507.

Weekdays, entry to the exhibit is through the Church Street door, off the Cathedral Park. Additional paintings will be available across the street in the Cathedral Book Store at 221 E. Church Street.

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