Butch Frazier retiring, closing Ortega jewelry store

Butch Frazier retiring, closing Ortega jewelry store
Butch Frazier

Butch Frazier has announced that after 45 years in business, he will be retiring and closing his Ortega jewelry store at the end of this month. He is liquidating his entire selection.

Butch Frazier is a local through and through. He was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital and grew up on San Juan Avenue before his family moved to Ortega Farms. He attended Fishweir Elementary and Lake Shore Junior High before graduating from Nathan B. Forrest High School in 1964.

Frazier’s passion for fine jewelry began in 1963 at 17 years old when he landed his first job as a stock boy at Zales in Cedar Hills. This small endeavor sparked a lifelong career in the industry. After leaving Zales in 1971, Frazier joined W.L. Sutton Company, a jewelry wholesaler in Southside, where he continued mastering his skills and developing his craft. Six years afterwards, he and his late wife, Carol, decided to venture out on their own. In 1977, they opened Frazier Jewelers in a small corner of Carter’s Pharmacy.

It didn’t take long for Frazier to develop a reputation of trust with customers. In time, he renovated the space, partitioning it off from the rest of the pharmacy. With the growth in business, came the need for more help. His sister, Gina, joined in sales and, eventually, held a management position. Frazier’s daughter, Merry, joined her dad and aunt shortly after her mom passed in October 2019. In addition to family members, the store has three long-term and loyal associates on staff. “I’ve had lots of help along the way,” Frazier said.

For more than four decades, Frazier Jewelers has been an established local source for exquisite jewelry and unrivaled service, earning clients’ confidence. One facet of having been a neighborhood store for so many years that Frazier particularly enjoys is that most of his customers know each other and many are related to each other. He has witnessed many a reunion at his store, particularly at holiday time, when natives return home from out of town to visit family. Times too numerous to count, Frazier has known what bracelet a wife would be getting for her anniversary or what pendant a daughter would receive for her graduation. “But we’ve never divulged such secrets,” Frazier assured.

Upon his retirement, Frazier plans to tend to some touch-up projects on his house. More importantly, “I want to become versed in the kitchen,” he said. He desires to learn healthy cooking habits as he deals with heart disease, and he has been taking classes for cardiac rehab.         

Frazier appreciates that the community has made his business a proud Jacksonville tradition, and he is grateful for all the kind wishes he’s received from the community as his retirement nears. “We cherish the friendships we have forged with our customers; it’s been very gratifying. We would love to see you again before closing our doors forever,” he said.

To commemorate the store’s legacy, Frazier is holding a huge Going Out of Business sale. Expect up to 70% off engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and timepieces. Included in the sale are high-quality pieces crafted with 18K gold and diamonds, designer jewelry from Simon G., estate jewelry, pre-owned merchandise, and a Rolex watch.

Pull Out Baseline Details: Explore more in the store on Monday through Friday 10-5:30, Saturday 10-4, or call 904-388-7788. Frazier Jewelers, family-owned and operated for 45 years at the same Ortega location, next to Carter’s Pharmacy. 2925 Corinthian Avenue, Jacksonville, 32210.

By Mary Wanser
Resident Community News

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