Celebrating the Stars and Stripes

Celebrating the Stars and Stripes
DAR members Barbara McGriff, Connie Taylor, Betty Reed and Jurelle Stanton wave flags on Flag Day, June 14, 2022, at the Shoppes of Avondale

Local ladies help raise awareness for our American traditions

Jacksonville Chapter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) handed out flags at St. Johns Avenue and Ingleside Avenue after placing flags up and down St. Johns Avenue on Flag Day, June 14. The Jacksonville Chapter was established in 1895 and is the mother chapter of the state of Florida.

“Our chapter members were out waving the flag on Flag Day not only as a patriotic event but as an event that could unify the community,” said chapter member Connie Taylor. “The flag represents our country, which we all, as citizens, can unify under no matter what our other differences may be.”

According to its website, DAR promotes and encourages a strong patriotic feeling and respect for The Flag of the United States of America. The principal objectives are to keep the Flag flying, protect the Flag under all conditions, ensure its correct use and display and educate children and adults about the authorized rules of the Flag Code adopted by the United States Congress.

“Flag Day is important to the Daughters of the American Revolution because the United States is the only nation to have a Flag Day, a Flag etiquette, a National Anthem dedicated to its Flag and a Flag Pledge,” said chapter member Betty Reed. “The Flag gives me pride. I wave the Flag today because I honor and respect it. DAR gives me an opportunity to know and feel I am making a difference in everyday life.”

DAR members all have a direct lineage to an ancestor that helped aid the efforts of the Revolutionary War.

“As a former educator, I see DAR as a wonderful source and support for educators across the country,” said Taylor.

DAR’s Community Classroom Committee provides physical supplies and lesson plans for teachers. The American History Committee sponsors an annual history essay contest for students.

The chapter welcomes schools, teachers and students to contact it about Community Classroom and the American History Essay Contest. Visit www.JacksonvilleDAR.org to learn more.

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