Randy DeFoor announcing intention of ending political service as a City Council Member

Council Member Randy DeFoor announced her intention of ending her political service as a Council Member in 2023. Her announcement was made official June 22, she shared a statement with her constituents stating, “It has been a tremendous honor to represent you, the citizens of District 14, on the City Council of Jacksonville.  My love and gratitude for my constituents/neighbors only grew and continues to grow.  District 14 is special and the people who live there are special.  These neighborhoods have been my home for all of my life, and generations of both sides of my family before me, so this was a venture of the heart, not politics, a call not an ambition.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity — I will continue to work hard for the District for the remainder of my term, and as a citizen thereafter.  I think we made a big difference, at a crucial time, but political office is about service, not ambition.  I came when I felt called, believe that together we made a difference, and now in the best tradition of our country and it’s founders, I now return to business.  The candidates who have declared were made aware of my intentions before they filed-my hope is that by giving this much time for candidates to run the District will benefit- thank you again.  I retain the option of endorsing a candidate whom I feel has the ability, and equally critical the integrity to serve all of us in District 14, where my family and I still reside.  A crucial determinate in my considerations will be with whom they affiliate as they undertake their campaign.”

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