Publix opens doors, cuts ribbon after 20 years in the making

Publix opens doors, cuts ribbon after 20 years in the making

Leadership and management at the newly minted East San Marco Publix Super Market were on hand to cut the ribbon to align with their motto ‘Where Shopping is a Pleasure’, Aug. 7. The store opened to cheers from a line of locals who lined the sidewalk before the crack of dawn.

Two young men, Josh Whipple and Ernest Soles were the first to enter the store, following a ribbon cutting at 7 a.m. by store manager, Lauren Hindery, with her children by her side. The boys, both 18, had been waiting since 4:45 a.m., both said they had been waiting their entire lives to be a part of the experience.

“We are so excited to have this store open. The community of San Marco has been waiting so long to have their very own Publix and now we have this beautiful 39,000 square-foot store, bright and shiny, we couldn’t be more thrilled to open this store,” said an elated Chris Norbert, Community Relations Manager for Publix Super Markets Jacksonville Division.

smiling woman and boy holding one dollar bill
Publix tills turn first dollar

When asked about his loyal shoppers out front, he said, “That just shows how passionate our customers are about Publix, they come and support us, we support them and serve them. So, it’s not only about selling groceries, it’s about being a part of being part of the community. We sell milk and eggs – but we do a whole lot of other things – it’s just awesome to be here.”

Local dignitaries included LeAnna Cumber, a mother to two who was juggling her mothering duties. “This is just fantastic, it’s what the community has wanted for so long. It’s just great that it has finally arrived,” she said. With her two kids heading off to school, she made lunches, ran to Publix and was multi-tasking on the day of the christening of Publix, which happened to coincide with the first day of school for her kids Jake and Poppy.

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