Groundbreaking ceremony held for One Riverside

Groundbreaking ceremony held for One Riverside
Hannah Ripkey, Lori Boyer, Bobby West, Chris Winnen, Katherine Mosley, Cesar Ortiz, Steve Sealy, Kevin Powell and Paul Bertozzi participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for One Riverside on Thursday, Sept. 22. Photos by Michele Leivas.

One Riverside, a much-anticipated mixed-use development at the Northbank’s 1 Riverside Avenue, celebrated its groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Demolition of the Florida Times-Union building that once claimed that address began in May of this year and focus has shifted from what was to what will be.

Katherine Mosley, a partner with Atlanta-based developer TriBridge Residential LLC spoke at the ceremony, explaining construction for this development will take place in phases. Phase one of construction will include 270 residential units and one restaurant while also enhancing connectivity and access to the Riverwalk.

“…I certainly look forward to the day that we’re out here eating at the restaurant, shopping at the grocer, walking on the Riverwalk,” she said. “I think it’s going to be a very exciting project for Jacksonville and really enforce the sense of community that the city’s done such a great job cultivating. There’s been tons of development in recent years and I know that’s planned to continue and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

The estimated $250 million mixed-used project will cover 18.8 acres and will also include a new Whole Foods Market and retail space to be developed by Atlanta-based Fuqua Development. A city park is also planned for the project, also accessible off the Riverwalk.

The site of the former Florida Times-Union building has been cleared in preparation for phase one of construction on the One Riverside mixed-use development.
The site of the former Florida Times-Union building has been cleared in preparation for phase one of construction on the One Riverside mixed-use development.

Mosley spoke of TriBridge’s “collaborative relationships” with Jacksonville’s Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) and the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB).

“I think they did a great job of not only looking out for the interest of our specific development, but really enhanced a lot of the benefits to the community,” Mosley added. “They pushed us to do things like activate the Riverwalk with restaurant uses and retail. Obviously they’re contributing the city park that will be accessed off of the Riverwalk and really enhance the connectivity amongst the Brooklyn community that’s so well-established and vibrant, really bringing that across Riverside Avenue and connecting it to the Riverwalk.”

Jacksonville-based Live Oak Contracting is the contractor for the project. President and CEO Paul Bertozzi, a Jacksonville native himself, spoke excitedly about what it means to have reached this milestone on the project and what the project itself will mean for Jacksonville.

“It’s a great achievement to get it to this stage and now, as some of them say, the easy work is ahead of us,” Bertozzi said after the ceremony. “The hard work of getting the development done and built and really bringing all the other teams that are gonna help support the development of the project, from trade partners to the architects and engineers that will continually be working with us through the project as well as TriBridge. It’s a great feat to get here but we’ve got a lot of work still to get done..…It’s gonna be a great project here, but it’s really a catalyst for everything else and all the other opportunities for Jacksonville.”

Also involved in the project are Prosser Inc., Dwell Design Studio, Banko Design and LandDesign.

By Michele Leivas
Resident Community News

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