Local Nonprofit City Ambassadors tour the USS ORLECK

Local Nonprofit City Ambassadors tour the USS ORLECK
Members of the Commodores League on a recent tour of the USS ORLECK (DD-886.

A group of leaders from the Jacksonville Commodores League climbed aboard the USS Orleck on a recent trip to visit the warship. The members serve the City of Jacksonville as ambassadors helping to promote the economic and recreational assets of the St Johns River. 

The passion for boating combined with business acumen have proven to be a great asset to the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, as members entertain potential new businesses and professionals aboard their own private yachts and vessels. Since its founding in 1975, the club has served the community by hosting hundreds of cruises.

The cruises focus on historical sites as well as buildings, points of interest and landmarks of the city. To quote a recent past Flag Commodore, “The members of JCL are prepared to do what it takes and of their own resources, to meet the goals of the community growth through exploration of the river setting.“

Cruises are now resuming after the Covid restrictions. For information about this organization please visit their website at Jacksonvillecommodoresleague.com or by contacting secretary Sue Heinzel at [email protected]

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